Ways You Are Adding Unnecessary Heat to Your Home

Phoenix AC repair is not necessarily the solution to your overheated home. The hot Arizona sun is the biggest contributor to warm summer temperatures, but in your home it is not the only culprit. In the summer there are a number of devices and appliances that exacerbate the heat wave. Here are a few ways to eliminate all that excess heat without calling a Phoenix air conditioning service to ramp up your AC!

1.The Oven

Baking in summer is a huge no-no unless it is late at night, well after the sun sets. Your kitchen is full of appliances– the refrigerator, the freezer, the microwave – and likely full of people too. That’s a lot of heat for one room! Take it easy on all things oven-related until it cools down again. If you are a bake-a-holic, you can invest in a toaster oven to get your baking fix without turning your kitchen into a greenhouse.

2.The Dishwasher

Another example of a kitchen appliance that can overheat is the dishwasher. Leave all your dish-washing for the evening when there are fewer people in the kitchen and the sun is not as hot as during the day. Plan your dish usage so you don’t run out of dishware during the day and can afford to wait until night to run the dishwasher.

3.The Desktop Computer

This is not as much of a problem for the newest computers models with built-in towers, but older, less compact computers are huge sources of unwanted heat. Don’t use a desktop computer for more than an hour at a time; instead, take fifteen minute breaks where you let the computer ‘sleep’ and cool off.

4.The Windows

All windows, particularly those on the west side of your house, should be covered with light-colored yet thick shades, curtains, or drapes. If you really want to go all out, you can even have your windows tinted to help block out harsh rays. The sun is its hottest in the early afternoon, when it is shining directly from the west. Protect that hemisphere of your house so that you don’t have to call a Phoenix air conditioning service!

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