Valley A/C Installer Says “2 Stage” Systems Bring Savings Even as Rates Go Up

Chas Roberts is giving customers an option to save money through upgrades

(November 28, 2017) – Temperatures over the holiday weekend flirted with the 90-degree mark, meaning that A/C systems in the Valley are still running for hours, nearly into December. Add that to the recent APS rate hikes/plan changes and many valley residents will still be singing the “Energy Bill Blues” during Christmas and Holiday Shopping Season. For this reason, Chas Roberts A/C & Plumbing wants the public to know about another option for those willing to spend more money up front on a new A/C system. The benefits to owning one of these “2 Stage” systems are increased comfort, which is immediate, and savings on cooling and heating bills which will offset the initial investment, after a few years of use.

When home buyers are looking at new builds, rarely does the type of A/C System come up in conversation and typically the standard “1 Stage” system is installed. Options for just about every other part of the home are available, so it stands to reason that the ultimate source of comfort in the harsh desert climate of the Valley comes into play. A “2 Stage” A/C system is actually available through most builders and looks just like its counterpart. But the differences are very pronounced.

The 2 Stage system actually atones for one of the great sins of newer, more efficient units that take longer to cool a home. The 2nd stage is one that’s designed to work under the heaviest load, meaning that it cools a warmed-up home in the hottest months, much faster than the standard systems. And it does this in a manner that’s more energy efficient. Because of these attractive features, the 2 Stage system will cost more up front. For those who plan to stay in the same home for at least 3-5 years, this option makes sense from the perspective that it’s more energy efficient, which will save customers money on their monthly electric bill, especially during the hottest months of the year.

Chas Roberts COO Bob Shank thinks the 2 Stage A/C systems could be the key to peace of mind in the current environment of extended use and rising rates. “We’re starting to see more demand for them (the 2 Stage) because people are hearing about electric rate increases and want to use any advantage they can to keep their monthly bills as low as possible. We see these upgraded systems being just as important as multi-pane windows and shade for keeping homes cooler while saving money.”