Types of Home Heating and How They Work

The colder months are finally here! In Phoenix and Tucson AC repair and heating criteria can be diverse. Arizona is no Antarctica in terms of temperature, but it can still get pretty chilly around this time of year, especially at night. Our Phoenix air conditioning contractors have all the information you could want about the different types of home heating!

Image: Martyn Smith | Flickr

  • Forced Air
    • The most common type of household heating system, forced air systems heat the air in a furnace and then distribute it via ductwork into rooms throughout the house. Forced air is inexpensive and allows for humidified or dehumidified air, but takes up space in walls because it requires ductwork.
  • Radiant Heat
    • Radiant heat tends to provide a more comfortable and natural feeling form of heat. It works hot water tubing systems that are imbedded into the floor or directly underneath the floor’s surface.
  • Hydronic
    • Otherwise known as the hot water baseboard system, the hydronic system is very similar to radiant heat in that it also uses hot water heated by a boiler. It may be heated by natural gas, propane, oil, or electricity, and it is a quiet, energy efficient way to heat your home. A disadvantage is that it yields a relatively slow temperature increase.
  • Steam Radiant
    • Steam radiant heaters are rarely used today but are represented by the tell-tale cast iron radiators. They are efficient and warm space quickly, but they are unattractive and require a system of ductwork entirely separate from an air conditioning system.
  • Geothermal
    • A Geothermal Heat Pump is the newest type of heating and cooling system. This system works like a refrigerator running in reverse: it takes heat from one source and installs it in another. Though this system is far from inexpensive, it wins the prize for most energy efficient.

Whether you are weighing the costs and benefits of these heating systems to pick one for installation or you are just curious about how your home stays warm, here are your answers. Arizona is not famous for its chilly weather, but for that short annual period of chilly weather, a proper heater can keep you from freezing.

Though they are rare, Arizona certainly has those days where you feel chilled to the bone. Chas Roberts’ Air conditioning contractors in Phoenix and Tucson are here to help warm up your home. For more information about cheap ways to avoid freezing in the winter, visit http://www.chasroberts.com/ and take a look at our blog!