Types of Home Heating Systems

As December has set in, so has the cold winter weather. Arizona is known for its hot summers and many Arizona residents forget about their heating system until they receive their energy bill this time of year. Fortunately, home owners now have multiple options for heating units. Residents who need heating have four main choices for home heating systems.

Forced Air Gas Heating

Forced air gas heating is a common Arizona heating system. It uses gas burners to heat a large metal chamber. Air is pushed over the metal chamber, warmed and pumped through the air ducts into the living areas. Because hot air rises, this system can leave homes with hot and cold spots and produces efficiency problems.

Electric Heat Pumps

Electric Heat pumps are another widely used Arizona heating system, but are considered more efficient than forced air gas heating systems. Heat pumps are run by electricity and use an electric compressor, not a heat coil, to create warm air. The use of an electric compressor makes them more efficient. Heat pumps can also circulate more air than forced air gas heating systems.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating systems warm homes by forcing air over heated water in long, narrow, baseboard-style radiating units. As air is passed over the units, the air is heated and directed into the home. Unfortunately, this system also has a tendency to cause hot and cold spots if not zoned.

Electric Radiant Heating

Electric radiant heating is a less efficient Arizona heating system because it uses more energy to warm the air. Electric radiant heating systems use approximately 20 to 40 percent more energy than electric heat pump systems. However, there may be less temperature differences in the home if zoned.

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