Top Seasonal Concerns for Arizona Homeowners

Whether a common repair or an Arizona emergency plumbing situation, changes in the seasons can wreak havoc on your plumbing.

And while those Phoenix emergency plumbing disasters should only be handled by the licensed and experienced professionals, luckily, there are some common weather-related concerns that you may be able to safely and effectively weather on your own.

Proactive, Not Reactive

Though it can be hard to see the smaller signs, one great tip for preventing common seasonal plumbing woes is to stay proactive instead of reactive. By constantly checking for leaky pipes, small-scale water damage, and indoor or outdoor standing water, you’ll be able to stay one step ahead – no matter what the weatherman predicts for the very next day!

Stay Kind to Your Disposal

With the winter months behind us, Arizona springs and summers bring afternoons by the pool, dinners on the patio, and BBQs with the whole neighborhood. But while you may be ready to embrace that delectable summertime menu, make sure your disposal is as well. Remember never to put banana peels, cornhusks, or oils down the disposal so you won’t have to spend a gorgeous summer day tinkering with a temperamental disposal.

April Showers Bring…Plumbing Woes

While we love the cloudy skies that break up the heat as much as the next Arizonan, be sure to stay aware of the effect those rainy days may be having on your home. From sewer line back-ups to gutter blockage, with some much needed Arizona rain can come a troublesome number of pesky leaks and unfortunate water damage.

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