Tips: Be Ready for Your Phoenix AZ Repair Appointment

may need repairs. The best way to find out is to call an experienced, professional that specializes in AC repair in Phoenix –like Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Plumbing.

A technician from Chas Roberts can inspect your system and identify any areas that may need repair. Some of the more common Phoenix AC repairs include:

  • Wiring issues: old or warped wiring can be especially dangerous because it could create a fire hazard. Bad wires may prevent the unit from receiving power and cooling your home.
  • Refrigerant: a lack of refrigerant will cause your unit to work harder to produce cold air and raise your energy bill.
    Fan: the fan works to remove hot air from the home and the unit. An improperly working fan can cause internal damage to the unit’s compressor.
  • Inside coil: the coil contains the Freon which cools the air that is pumped throughout the home and sometimes it freezes, which is a problem. Frozen coil is usually an indication of another problem.

Preparing for the Service Visit

You’ve done your research on reputable HVAC contractors or you’ve asked around for recommendations from friends and family regarding AC repair in Phoenix. The appointment for the service is made. Now, it’s time to get ready. Here are some things to do before the service technician arrives:

Be present for the visit: you should allow at least an hour for the visit. During the visit the technician will inspect the existing equipment, prepare a load calculation and explain the many new advancements in technology that could save you money. The technician will also answer any questions you might have.

Clear the way: make sure your A/C and the area surrounding it are clear. Easy access is critical to diagnosing and repairing any problems.

Have the answers: the service technician will likely have some of the following questions, so try to have the answers ready: Do some rooms or areas get too hot or cold? Does it get too muggy or too dry at certain times of the year? Is the system noisy? What repairs have been made to the system in the past? Are future energy costs a concern?

You’re getting a jump-start on ensuring your system is ready to get you through the rest of this summer, and the ones that will follow – good for you! Have last minute questions before your service appointment? Contact Chas Roberts! Visit or call (602) 943-3426 in Phoenix, (520) 618-1884 in Tucson or (505) 264-7257 in New Mexico.