Time Saving Tankless Water Heater

Our Chas Roberts plumbers in Phoenix have often wondered: How do the benefits of a tankless water heater stack up against the costs? The reasons for installing a tankless heater are typically to a) have hot water right away and b) not run out of hot water in the middle of a shower. Are these perks really worth it?

The unfortunate truth is that monetary cost and energy efficiency are not effective ways to gauge the utility of a tankless heater. Plumbers in Phoenix know that installing one will not save you enough money to make up for the original cost, and as for the energy saved, well . . . the tankless heater does not actually save much energy compared to a tank heater. Unless you install the tankless heater at the faucet you desire, which is far more expensive, it will use only slightly less energy than the tank heater.

A tankless water heater definitely has its pros, but it may not be the most economical choice. The standard cost for a tankless heater, including installation, plumbing repairs, and all other ventilation upgrades required for the system to function properly, is around $1,200, whereas the cost of installation for a tank heater is closer to $300. A Consumer Reports study determined that the energy costs savings from tankless heaters total around $70 or $80 per year, meaning that it would take 22 years to break even, two years longer than the life of most models. However, local plumbers know that a tankless heater can make up for its cost in ways they are not monetary.

Time is of the essence, and there is not always enough time to wait for a tank heater to heat the amount of water needed in a household. Tank heaters are considerably cheaper than their tankless counterparts, but they waste a considerable amount of time, particularly for large families who juggle laundry, dishwashing, and showering all at once. The real comparison of the two models breaks down to a battle between time and money and an individual’s valuation of each.

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Image: Steve Depolo