Thermostats: Types, Benefits, and How to Select the Ideal Temperature

Here at Chas Roberts, our Phoenix air conditioning contractors are constantly being asked about Thermostat Care 101. With new technology, user-specific benefits, and a variety of different ideal temperature factors, these days, selecting a thermostat is more of a science than ever before.

But with a little help from our talented Phoenix air conditioning contractors, learning more about the system that puts your comfort first is easy. For information you can trust about thermostat types, benefits, and selecting the ideal temperature, simply take a look at our easy-to-follow guide:

Types and Benefits: Heading Toward the Technology Trend

Though manual thermostats (generally less expensive and easy to use) can certainly get the job done year round, there has recently been a greater shift toward a more modern take on air conditioning: the programmable thermostat. Often sleek, digital, and attractive, programmable thermostats provide homeowners with the best of both worlds: the comfort and consistency of a dependable system and the ability to personalize home temperatures automatically.

While it may take longer initially to set your preferences into a programmable thermostat (cooler temperatures during busy hours in the house, automatic power downs while at work), by selecting a modern model, you may end up saving more time, effort, and money in the long run.

Setting the Ideal Temperature

Whether you’re more comfortable working with an easy-to-use manual thermostat or you’ve decided to give a brand new programmable one a try, finding that ideal temperature at the intersection of comfort and cost efficiency can be challenging.

Typically during Arizona winters, a comfortable 68 degrees is recommended during the day time (saving you 5 to 15 percent a year on your heating bill, according to Facing a sizzling summer? Try a cool 78 degrees while you’re indoors.

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