The Chas Roberts AC Protection Plan

From refrigerators and ovens to washing machines and stovetops, protecting the valuable appliances in your home is second nature to most homeowners.  When we think of air conditioners, we often don’t consider them “appliances” that need annual care, nor do we often know that there are methods to not only protect this investment, but also your home.  Chas Roberts’ AC Protection Package can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs or damages caused by unforeseen issues.

The AC Protection Package consists of three items designed to protect your home, prolong the life of your system, and protect your equipment.

Drain Alert

Drain Alert is a helpful device that can shut your equipment off in the event the drain line backs up. When working properly, the drain line aids in the removal of condensation that builds up within your air conditioner. However, the drain line can become clogged and cause moisture to back up into the air conditioner.

Although most maintenance plans cover cleaning out the condensate lines at the time of the visit, unfortunately there’s no guarantee that foreign material won’t become lodged in the lines and cause a back-up. That’s where Drain Alert comes in—if it senses a buildup of water, it will stop the system from running and creating more moisture, potentially preventing a costly emergency HVAC situation.

Start Assist Kit

A Start Assist Kit is designed to prolong the life of your compressor. The compressor is essentially the “heart” of your air conditioner. Its job is to circulate and apply energy to the refrigerant through the coils of the indoor and outdoor unit. If the compressor is compromised for any reason, the air conditioner won’t function—leaving you without the cool air you desire.

Fortunately, a Start Assist Kit can reduce internal damage to the compressor by helping it start smoothly and quickly. A compressor uses a large amount of energy during startup, and a Start Assist Kit brings this energy use down by streamlining the startup process. This helps your compressor last longer and work more efficiently.

Surge Protector

The electrical current that runs through our homes and fuels our appliances and electronics can be unpredictable. Small surges can occur at any time, in addition to larger surges that come as a result of storms, lightning strikes, power outages, and more. Our AC Protection Kit includes a surge protector, not unlike the ones you may have In your home to protect your televisions, computers, and other electronics. This surge protector, however, is specifically intended for your air conditioner.

The surge protector can absorb surges both big and small and send them back into the ground before they have the chance to damage your equipment. A lightning strike can translate into anywhere from thousands to millions of volts, which can essentially fry your air conditioner in a matter of seconds. With a surge protector, even large power surges won’t have the chance to cause any damage.

Save big on our AC Protection Package

For our valued customers, we’re offering our AC Protection Package for just $516.10. Don’t miss your chance to save on this valuable equipment that could be the difference between an air conditioner that runs smoothly and a costly breakdown. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!