Staying on Top of Common AC Repairs

September is usually recognized as the end of summer. However, in sunny states like Arizona, the summer heat stays in full swing throughout the month, which sometimes means air conditioning repair or air conditioning service. Air conditioning repair is sometimes the only way to make sure that you’re getting the comfortable temperatures you need to stay cool in the Arizona heat. But if your air conditioner needs to be serviced, do you know what you should be keeping an eye on? Lets take a look at the top indicators of a system in need of some professional attention.

Air Conditioners: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Air conditioning professionals maintain that the average life span of a quality air conditioning unit is 6 to 12 years. So, if your system isn’t old enough to consider replacement yet, you might just need a repair to get your air conditioning system up and running.

If you get home from a long, hot day and notice that your air conditioner isn’t cooling to the temperature you set, a low refrigerant level might be the cause. Even if your coolant hasn’t run out, a leak can occur. If this leak is coming from the coil, it’s important to have a qualified air conditioning professional take a look at the mechanics of your system.

If your sensor is not working properly, your system could be cycling constantly or behaving erratically. Cycling on and off frequently can lead to a malfunctioning compressor or fan as well, all of which can end up wasting your money in the end. Faulty wiring may also be at fault for a poorly working unit. Faulty wiring can prevent the system from receiving the power it needs to function properly. Make sure that an experienced air conditioning professional checks your system to ensure that faulty wiring isn’t an issue.

Though repairing a system might seem costly, the amount of money you’ll save over time makes the investment worth it. After all, air conditioning is a necessity almost year-around, and a system in need of repair could be using up more energy than it needs to.

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