Stay Warm and Save Money – Phoenix Heating

From family gatherings to holiday shopping trips, it can be a tough time to spend extra money on your Phoenix heating system. But as the days grow shorter and the temperature drops faster, it can be easy to spend more than you realize while trying to stay warm.

At Chas Roberts, we know that it can be hard to strike a balance between comfort and conservation. So our Phoenix heating and cooling experts have come up with a list of three easy to follow tips to help you stay warm while saving money this holiday season:

  1. Check for drafts: You could have your heating system on full blast, but with free-flowing drafts sneaking through windows and doors, you won’t just be losing warmth; you’ll be losing money. Nip the problem in the bud by making a thorough inspection of your home. When it comes to winter drafts and heating systems, a little sealant can go a long way.
  2. Turn it down a notch: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, by turning down your thermostat at nighttime, you can save about 10 percent per year on your heating bills. Stay toasty during the day but break out the blankets at night to prioritize both your comfort and your budget.
  3. Check your furniture layout: Though your current layout may have been fine during the fall, during the winter, it could actually serve to impede the air flow in your home. Before rushing to replace a seemingly faulty Tucson or Phoenix heating system, take a look at your vents – it’s possible your favorite chair or sofa could be in their way, blocking the heat from properly circulating.

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