Save Some Green This Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22. It’s the perfect time to remind Arizona homeowners of the financial and health benefits of going “green” at home. And what better way to go “green” than by installing an energy-efficient air conditioning system.

Here’s a fact that might surprise many: As much as half of the energy used in the home goes to heating and cooling. Most Arizona homeowners are also unaware of the financial benefits of air conditioning replacement: replacing an older air conditioning unit with a more energy-efficient model, including tax credits, energy company rebates and savings on energy costs.

Tax credits – Arizona homeowners can receive up to $500 in federal tax credits for replacing an old air conditioning unit with a more energy-efficient model this year.

Energy company rebates – Arizona power companies APS, SRP and Tucson Electric Power are offering rebates of up to $525 to Arizona homeowners for going green with their air conditioning system.

Reduced electricity bills – Replacing old cooling equipment with ENERGY STAR qualified equipment can cut an Arizona homeowner’s annual energy bill by nearly $200. Over the long run, a more efficient air conditioning unit can reduce home energy costs by up to 40%.
Need another reason to replace an air conditioning unit now? Most air conditioning systems manufactured prior to 2010 use Freon®, the coolant that damages the ozone and contributes to global warming. Newer units use a chlorine-free coolant and by 2020, all air conditioning units will be required to use this cleaner coolant.

Go green today and do something good for the environment and your bottom line. Contact Chas Roberts today. Schedule an appointment online or call (602) 328-5058 in the Phoenix area or (520) 618-1884 in Tucson, or visit