Chas Roberts on KPNX – AZ Midday

Mike Senter, Master Technician at Chas Roberts Air Conditioning and Heating describes how to prepare your air conditioning system for Arizona’s hot summer.

Chas Roberts on KOLD

Tucson, Arizona (June 29, 2011) Chas Roberts experts talk about the importance of AC maintenance in the summer heat.  

Chas Roberts Helps Veterans Stay Cool

Phoenix, Arizona (July 4, 2011) Chas Roberts helps Veterans stay cool by performing maintenance and repairs on the air conditioning units two homes housing veterans. The home provide low cost housing for veterans in transition and are owned and operated by Arizona Housing Inc. and Central Arizona Shelter Services.

Chas Roberts on Arizona Midday

Phoenix, Arizona (March 22, 2011) Tips on maintaining your air conditioning units for energy efficiency, especially keeping filters clean and utilizing programmable thermostats.

Chas Roberts on Arizona Midday

Phoenix, Arizona (May 17, 2011) Tips on maintenance and new products for home air conditioning units and when to repair vs. replace older units.

Chas Roberts on KSAZ

Phoenix, Arizona (May 19, 2011) KSAZ discussing the importance to checking out your system before the heat hits the Valley.

Chas Roberts on KNXV

Phoenix, Arizona (April 1, 2011) KNXV highlight importance of regular maintenance on AC systems.

Chas Roberts on KNXV

Phoenix, Arizona (May 2010) KNXV interviews Chas Roberts CEO Sissy Shank about the AC Giveaway for deserving families.  

Chas Roberts on KVOA

Tucson, Arizona (July, 2010) KVOA highlights the Chas Roberts AC Giveaway to a deserving family in Tucson, Arizona.

Chas Roberts on KNXV

Phoenix, Arizona (June 2010) Tips to keep your home cool, including regular maintenance.