Quick Fixes for Minor Leaks

Ever have a leak that was serious but did not require Phoenix emergency plumbing? Even a minor pipe leak usually requires professional attention, but maybe not immediately. Rather than wasting water and time while you sit around, waiting for it to be repaired, do a quick fix before you call Phoenix plumbers!

Before you start— turn your water off! Find the shut-off valve and turn it counter-clockwise. This is very important because you are about to examine your home’s intestines and you don’t want to drown in the process.

  • Place a pencil or small wooden stick in the hole. Break it off at the surface so that it is flush with the pipe. Then, wrap electrical tape around the pipe. For good measure, apply a thick layer of a plumbing sealant or repair putty around the area. Let the sealant set for about 30 minutes before turning the water back on.
  • Cut a section of an old garden hose large enough to cover the hole, plus a few extra inches on either side. Use a knife to cut the hose lengthwise and position it tightly over the leak. Use plumbers tape to secure your handy-work.
  • Another option for a plumbing repair is an old inner tube from a bicycle tire. It functions the same way as a garden hose in the example above.
  • If the leak is due to loose pipe joints, use a small wrench to tighten them. Clean the pipe joints and dry them first. Then, tighten the bolts using light force. It is very important that you not crack the pipes by being too forceful. Seal the joints with putty and allow them to dry for about half an hour.

And there you have it! A few quick fixes for pesky leaks. These tricks are a dream come true if you need to save up before calling Phoenix plumbers or if you simply don’t like the wasting water. Remember, none of these fixes are permanent. They will repair the leak long enough for you to get in touch with a professional and make arrangements for a more permanent repair, but they will not stop water from leaking indefinitely.

For a permanent fix, call Phoenix emergency plumbers at Chas Roberts. Be sure to check out our blog for more DIY articles and tips!

Image: Korona Lacasse