Plumbing Problems in Old Homes

On the outside, vintage homes are elegant and easy on the eyes with their unique architecture. Still, on the inside, there may be hidden maintenance issues that often times are hard to spot. If you own an older home or plan on purchasing one, it is vital to have it inspected for plumbing issues.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 10% of homes in the U.S. have small plumbing leaks which waste 90 gallons of water or more a day.

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Now that you know your older home may have plumbing problems, here are six common issues you need to consider.

Pipe corrosion

Older homes were built with metal and copper piping and those substances can erode. There is a good chance that these pipes are already damaged and have high rust accumulation. Due to potential water contamination, pipes will need professional help.

Water pressure issues

If you own an older home with outdated plumbing, you may need help with water pressure. Water pressure is essential to many homes and is a necessity when it comes to taking a shower, cleaning dishes, watering gardens, and more. Corroded pipelines are the leading cause of low water pressure and is often due to clogged deposits.

Problems with the sewer line

No one wants an issue with their sewer line. It can cause significant problems and can be an unsanitary situation. Major leaks or sewer backup flows can result from neglected sewer lines. If you think your homes sewer lines have damage, a Chas Roberts professional can help. If your older home has a septic tank, it may need emptying. If you have sewer line issues, you should get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Remember, regular maintenance is vital if you own a home in general, but even more if you own an older home or plan to own an older one.

Old fixtures

Plumbing problems in old homes can wreak havoc on your life if not maintained. Another feature to keep an eye on is your old fixtures. Handles, valves, and faucets will deteriorate, when used repeatedly. Damaged fittings may also have small leaks. If they go undiscovered, these leaks can turn into a bigger problem.

Root intrusion

Tree roots are essential for providing nutrients to trees, but they are not good for your home! Roots can get inside plumbing pipes and sewer lines and cause damage. Sewage backup can happen when your sewer lines are blocked, causing a gas leak, and leading to unpleasant odors. If you are experiencing this, you may have tree root damage.

Sinkholes are another major problem you need to watch out for. Tree roots that puncture your pipes cause leaks. These leaks let extra rainwater seep into your yard, where it can lead to hazardous sinkholes. Large puddles of water or mud in your yard are indicators of sinkholes.

When roots interfere with your plumbing, it is vital to call a Chas Roberts professional.

Pipe leaks

Refrain from letting leaky pipes scare you away from looking into purchasing an older home. Homes that were built in the 70s or even the 90s may have pipes made from polybutylene. This substance was cheap and convenient, which is why it was used, but it doesn’t hold up. Today, more robust piping material is used. If you want to get the situation under control, it’s best to have a professional look at your piping.

There are many signs to look out for if you think you may have a plumbing leak.

  • Staining on walls or flooring
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Musty odor
  • Increase to your water bill
  • Warped floorboards, walls, or ceilings
  • Flooded or muddy lawn

We use high tech drain cleaning options

Chas Roberts offers various drain cleaning options, so you can choose a method that fits your budget and needs. We offer everything from hydro jetting for the toughest clogs to video inspection that relies on high-resolution camera footage.

Read more about our drain cleaning options to see which is best for you and the plumbing problems in your old home.

When to call in the Chas Roberts professionals

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