Phoenix Water Treatment Systems

Phoenix plumbers know that, like most cities, our city has certain water safety standards to uphold. Unlike most cities, however, Phoenix has an unusually high year-round temperature which causes bacteria to grow differently from other cities. This means that Phoenix water treatment requires putting greater amounts of chlorine into the water to keep bacteria from contaminating it. If you’re not a fan of the taste of Phoenix water, or you want your water to be softer than the generally hard tap water, here are some filtration systems that may be of particular interest to you.


Reverse Osmosis Filter: An RO filter is a great alternative to bottled water, not only because of the money it saves you but also because of the environmental hazards that drinking bottled water every day poses. With a reverse osmosis filter, you can get the same taste of bottled water without the plastic waste.


Hot Water Recirculation: Save time and money by conserving hot water! Installing a hot water recirculation system is as easy as installing a pump at the water heater and a pump at the faucet. Rather than wasting time as you wait for your water to heat up, you can have hot water the instant you turn on your faucet. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to conserve water in the never-ending Phoenix drought.


Whole House Filtration: A whole house filtration system reverses the bitterness of chlorine after it has effectively killed any bacteria that may have otherwise contaminated your water. One of the more comprehensive Phoenix water treatment options, this system softens your water supply, making it taste better to drink and preventing the harsh agents from damaging your skin and clothes. It also keeps water from oxidizing your plumbing system and ruining your faucets. In addition to neutralizing chlorine, a whole house filtration system can subdue contaminants like pesticides and VOC’s.


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