For Phoenix Residents, A/C is Silly

We’ve been lying to you. We’re sorry. We were just trying to sell a lot of air conditioning units. Here’s the honest truth: You don’t need air conditioning to stay cool during the summer here in Phoenix. And if any other Phoenix AC contractors tell you otherwise, well—they’re the liars now.

In fact, it’s very easy to stay cool without an air conditioning unit in your home. Today, we’ll explain how. We’ve listed three proven methods for keeping cool, below.

1. Take extremely cold showers

There’s nothing like an ice-cold shower on a Monday morning to really get you excited for your commute. Especially when you’ve spent the night without A/C! Washing off all that nighttime sweat in a glacial shower is a great way to cool down, no fancy air conditioning required. If your shower is cold enough, you might be able to keep yourself shivering and damp all day!

2. Use a fan

Here’s a little-known fact: a fan is basically the same thing as an air-conditioning unit. Sleazy Phoenix AC contractors will try to tell you that one cools down your home while the other just blows sweaty heat around and around in circles—but that’s a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo. Don’t believe the hype about A/C. A humble fan can do the job just as well.

3. Eat frozen foods

Don’t even worry about unfreezing anything. Just rip open that package of frozen asparagus and go to town. Your body will cool off in no time—minus all the expense of one of those complicated AC systems! Bonus points if you leave the freezer door open in your face while you chow down on those icy greens.

See? An air conditioner is completely unnecessary! You’re probably feeling cooler already, just reading these tips. Brrr, right? If you have any further questions, please contact us today.