Phoenix Plumbing Services: Video Camera Inspection

From maintaining reverse osmosis systems to installing brand new Phoenix water heaters, here at Chas Roberts, we work hard to provide you with the Tucson and Phoenix plumbing services you need to keep your home functioning the way it should.

And while many are familiar with the bulk of services we provide (such as drain cleaning, water filtration, and fast flooding fixes), we do offer some services that are perhaps a little less well known.

Today, our Chas Roberts plumbing professionals will explain the basics behind video camera pipe inspection.

Capable of providing real-time piping footage, video camera pipe inspection works to educate a plumbing professional on the conditions of the pipes – especially in older homes. Waterproof, flexible, and equipped with a strong lighting fixture, the inspection camera is often referred to as a pipeline inspection gauge. Typically, the camera apparatus (connected to display equipment by a sturdy fiber optic cable) is lowered at a downward angle into the pipeline with help from a small localized generator. From there, the camera (mounted onto a swiveling and rotating head) begins to capture and record its findings – from deep cracks to harmful blockage to corroded pipes.

Once the damage has been discovered and assessed by a professional and the footage captured for a permanent record of the site, the camera and cable are carefully removed from the pipes. If the pipe is large enough, our plumbing professional will use a tool called a tractor to pull the cable out in reverse. However if the pipe is too small for a tractor, a semi-rigid rope (sometimes called a “fish”) will be used to pull the cable back through the pipeline.

Here at Chas Roberts, our experienced plumbing professionals most often rely upon the accuracy and first-hand assistance of video camera pipe inspection to view the potentially damaging influence of invasive tree roots – again, primarily found in older homes.

By combining the specialized knowledge maintained by each and every one of our Chas Roberts plumbing professionals with a tool as effective and powerful as a piping video camera, we’re able to offer peace of mind to homeowners across the valley – no matter what their plumbing problem.

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