Phoenix Plumbing Services: Garbage Disposals 101


Garbage Disposals 101


How it works:

Chas Roberts’ Phoenix plumbing services recommends garbage disposal units because they serve to help reduce landfill waste that quickly accumulates and releases harmful methane gas. Being one of the most environmentally responsible and economically efficient kitchen appliances, these bad boys each generally cost around a nominal 50 cents per year to operate.

The main idea is to reduce the amount of unused food sent to landfills. The disposal unit breaks down the food scraps with blades and compressors so that the water carried to a treatment center can be efficiently treated by the sewer system.

When the right foods are put down the drain—foods that are at least 70% water—the treatment process back to clean water is much more efficient and keeps food from rotting away in the ever-filling landfills. That being said, not everything can just be tossed down the drain. Follow these guidelines to keep your unit running properly.

Disposal Don’ts:

If you don’t want to call your Phoenix plumbing repair experts at Chas Roberts, steer clear from using these harmful products in your disposal unit: they could spell the end of your unit’s life.

  • Oil/Grease/Fat (solidifies when cool)
  • Starchy/stringy vegetables (entangle the blades)
  • Pasta/Rice (expand in water and clog)
  • Egg Shells (membrane inside eggshell wraps around disposal
  • Coffee Grounds (get caught in the drain trap)
  • Fruit Pits/Seeds/Apple Cores (too solid to process, better idea: COMPOST)
  • Bones (even for industrial strength blades these are too strong)
  • Non-food (plant clippings, fabric, sponges)

Disposal Do’s:

Aside from the foods/miscellaneous items above, most any liquids and soft foods are fair game for your unit according to Phoenix plumbing repair experts. Be sure to chop up larger foods (it’s okay to make some of those chunky left-overs a little more bite-sized for your unit), and run water when the unit is in use.

Stinky sink? Could be your garbage disposal. Most cleansers are things you can already find in your kitchen: dish soap and ice cubes, especially cleansers made from vinegar or lemon juice.

To clean, run cold water through the system, then dump two to four trays of ice down the unit. The frozen cubes will freeze off the chunked debris and help release it from the blades. As an extra trick, chop up a lemon into small pieces and feed it into the disposal. The acid will help eliminate food remnants and leave a fresh clean smell. For severe cases, break out the biodegradable cleanser. Avoid harsh drain cleaners because they can corrode your garbage disposal unit.

If you have any questions about how to operate a garbage disposal, or for garbage disposal repair, contact your Chas Roberts Phoenix plumbing services specialists at 602.943.3426 (Phoenix) or 520.292.6858 (Tucson). Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook!



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