Phoenix Plumbers Spotlight: Water Treatment Systems

Our Chas Roberts Arizona plumbers know that when it comes to picking a new water treatment system, there’s a lot to consider. From making sure your water is safe to picking the most cost and energy efficient solution, knowing which system to select can be difficult.

Here at Chas Roberts, we work hard to make sure that the water you and your family uses is pure and safe. That’s why we offer two different, equally effective water treatment systems: water conditioning and reverse osmosis. And to help you learn more about your options, we’ve put together an explanation of both:

Water Conditioning: Water conditioning, or water softening, is a system through which harmful metal contaminants (such as calcium and magnesium) are safely removed from hard water through a combination of modern equipment and water softening products. Soft water (water treated by a water conditioning system) has a variety of worthwhile health and home benefits: it makes your laundry softer, leaves your home cleaner, is less damaging to appliances, and perhaps most importantly, protects your skin and hair from harmful irritants commonly found in hard water.

Reverse Osmosis: Similar to a dependable water conditioning system, reverse osmosis works to remove contaminants found in potentially harmful, untreated drinking water. Reverse osmosis works by passing water through a number of different filters and membranes within the equipment. Through each subsequent stage, the water is stripped of bad taste and odor, metal contaminants, and other irritants that could harm both you and your family if not properly filtered.

Both water conditioning and reverse osmosis work hard to keep your family safe from impurities, while also remaining energy and cost efficient. And because both systems are installed by Chas Roberts professional Phoenix plumbers, you can be sure that no matter which system you choose, it will help you protect what truly matters most.

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