Phoenix AC Contractors Going Green

This month we’re celebrating the Luck of the Irish, but if non-renewable resources run out, we won’t be feeling so lucky. Phoenix AC contractors all agree that we should convert our systems to more renewable energy resources and new “green” technology. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here are the seven greenest HVAC technologies available on the market today. These tools will allow you to save on your energy bill and promote sustainability, without having to completely overhaul your system. Go green for St. Patrick’s Day and look into these technologies!

Geothermal Systems

These systems have been around since the 1940’s, and they have improved exponentially over the years. Today, they are one of the most efficient systems a homeowner can have. They use the earth’s energy directly, by digging a loop of pipe deep underneath your home. In the winter, this pipe circulates heat from underground into your building, and in the summer it pumps hot air from your home back into the earth.

“On Command” Hot Water Recirculator

This unique pump continually circulates water in your home by pumping hot water to where it is needed, and returning cold water to the heater that has been drained from the kitchen and bathroom water lines. This system allows water to continually flow between the heater and cold water line, so hot water can be delivered to any destination at any time during the day.

Thermally-Driven Air Conditioner

This powerful system just might make you consider Phoenix AC Replacement. It combines solar energy power and gas-powered components to give us a system with twice the effectiveness, and half the carbon footprint. The system can run entirely on solar power, but it uses gas-power as an added help on days when pure solar just isn’t enough.

Ice-Powered AC

Utilizing revolutionary technology, Ice Energy has created one of the first ice-powered air conditioning units called the ‘Ice Bear’. The Ice Bear freezes 450 gallons of water overnight, then uses this ice to provide up to six hours of cooling for the space. For this reason, the Ice Bear works in conjunction with a standard, conventional AC unit.

Quiet Duct Wrap

Who knew that duct wrap could be recycled from your old jeans? This new product from Green Products Company is made of denim, and contains no irritants, low VOCs, and no fiberglass. What separates this duct wrap from the competition (besides possibly being made from a pair of daisy dukes) is that the denim fabric reduces heat loss and gain throughout the air ducts.

Energy Analysis Software

To stay ahead of the curve for future building projects, you can now use new software that plans entire building projects and allows Phoenix AC Contractors, architects, and designers to conduct analysis of an entire building early on in the process. This software gives builders the insight needed to find the optimal energy consumption systems for specific homes and buildings.

Duel Fuel Heat Pump

For those who want the best of both worlds, a duel fuel heat pump utilizes both electric and gas heating to create one of the most efficient systems available on the market today. The electric system provides warmth by pulling heat in from the outside air when temperatures are above 35 degrees F, which also means the heat is not as dry. When the air gets colder, gas heat turns on to provide the most effectiveness.

According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, AC accounts for nearly 50% of energy use in the U.S. during peak summer months, and air conditioning is responsible for nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Let’s start to change these daunting statistics this month in honor of “going green” for St. Patrick’s Day, and create more environmental awareness in your neighborhood.

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