New Year’s Checklist: What to Check out on Your AC System

As we welcome 2013, it’s time to think about the condition and maintenance of your Phoenix or Tempe air conditioning unit. Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Plumbing’s Tucson, Phoenix and Tempe AC specialists are trained and certified to make sure your air conditioning unit is operating efficiently, affordably, and reliably year-round.

Chas Roberts has created the 2013 New Year’s Phoenix and Tempe AC checklist to help you judge the quality of the home in your air. And after reading our helpful New Year’s Checklist, consider contacting Chas Roberts if your unit isn’t performing at top capacity. We can help you decide whether you should repair or replace – just ask our experts.

Chas Roberts’ New Year’s Checklist. Here are some items to consider:

  • Do certain rooms get hotter or colder than others? This could indicate that air ducts or equipment might be blocked, or that there is a more significant problem with your unit.
  • Does anyone in the family suffer from allergies or asthma? Our comfort specialists may use this information to recommend a product that fits your special air quality needs.
  • Is the system noisy? Our Phoenix and Tempe air conditioning specialists may be able to reduce the noise.
  • Are you interested in saving money on utility bills? Newer products on the market can help with energy costs immediately or down the road.

Family-owned-and-operated Chas Roberts has been installing and maintaining Arizona’s air conditioning systems since 1942. And we’ve recently expanded to provide plumbing services. For all your air conditioning, heating and plumbing needs, contact us. Schedule an appointment online or call (602) 943-3426 in Phoenix, (520) 618-1884 in Tucson or (505) 264-7257 in New Mexico.