Keeping Your AC Unit Clean

From scorching summers to windswept winters, here in Arizona, your Tucson air conditioning unit is certainly no stranger to seasonal debris.

And while most debris won’t cause immediate damage to your air conditioning system, in time, prolonged dirt and debris exposure can affect your unit’s functionality.

Because Chas Roberts believes that your comfort should always come first, we’ve put together a list of three unit cleaning tips to help you avoid replacements and repairs due to prolonged outdoor damage.

  1. Trim plants and weeds: When cleaning your Phoenix or Tucson air conditioning unit, keep an eye out for any plant growth near the base or sides of the system. A good rule of thumb is to keep all plants and weeds at least two feet from the unit. Be sure to trim any growth regularly.
  2. Regular cleaning care: Wipe down the surface of your unit every few weeks or so. Though you typically won’t need to do so all too often, spend a few minutes clearing off any residual dirt on the day after an Arizona dust storm.
  3. Seasonal debris: From fall leaves to spring petals, be aware of any seasonal debris that could collect on the coil of the unit. To clean the coil, first, power off your unit. Then, remove the bulk of the loose debris manually. Finally, finish up by hosing off the coil until the surface is clean and clear. Wait until the unit is dry before turning the power back on.

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