Most Innovative Plumbing Gadgets

Cue drumroll, because the results are in! Arizona plumbers agree that these gadgets are the best of the best when it comes to modern plumbing technology. They’ll help you to better protect your home, and give you a taste of the high life. Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Wireless Pressure Sensors

Uh oh, busted! Even metal pipes aren’t invincible and sometimes crack under stress, causing water leaks that can cost you thousands. These inexpensive devices simply clip on to a faucet or pipe and let you know if your pressure is set too high.

Programmable Showers

Incorporate touch screen technology into your shower experience and go digital! You can program your outlets, water temperature, shower lighting, and audio preferences on a given device. Do your multiple family members have different tastes? Not to worry, members of the household can save their preferred settings.

Water Detectors

Got a leak? These gadget range from wireless plugins to professionally installed, hard-wired devices that can detect places in your home where there is unwanted water. Water causes some of the worst and most expensive damage and repairs; this device lets you know right away so you can call your Phoenix plumbers ASAP.

Dyson Airblade™ Tap Faucet Dryer

Never reach for damp, smelly kitchen towels again! This sleek faucet incorporates a hand dryer with a tiny, powerful motor and HEPA filters to blast air and dry your hands in 15 seconds or less.

Bluetooth Showerhead

Do you like jamming to your favorite tunes and belting them out in the shower? This showerhead blares sound straight from your showerhead, making it seem like the music is raining down on you. Bring in your local Phoenix plumbers to install one today, because someone has to take advantage of those awesome acoustics, right?

6th Sense Live™ Whirlpool Dishwashers

Save on your energy bill with this ingenious contraption. This appliance can connect to your Wi-Fi and let you know when energy consumption is the least expensive. It even includes a smart-grid button that will let the dishwasher automatically run when consumption is the cheapest.

From innovative faucets to intelligent dishwashers, these devices of the future can help you keep your home safe and efficient, while giving you the sense of living like a technologically advanced celebrity.

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