Is HVAC Certification Really Necessary?

Ever wondered why you need to hire Phoenix AC contractors at all? Shouldn’t you just be able to work on your air conditioning yourself?

The idea may seem tempting, but in reality, refrigerants aren’t toys. Actually, they can be quite dangerous without the proper know-how. And trust us—professional Phoenix AC contractors are a far cry from hobbyists. Here’s a look at some of the most frequently asked questions by our Phoenix heating and air conditioning customers about what HVAC certification actually means, and why those without it should stay far away from any outdoor AC unit.

What is HVAC certification, anyway?

It’s the process by which a person becomes licensed to perform maintenance on heating or air conditioning units. The EPA requires certification because incorrect handling of refrigerants can damage the atmosphere.

Is it difficult to become HVAC certified?

The process is quite technical. To apply for licensure, most applicants will need to have passed all relevant coursework at an accredited school, and to have worked as apprentices for a designated period of time. Even once these requirements have been met, there’s an exam that must be passed as well.

What is the exam like?

It’s 100 multiple-choice questions. There are four different sections of the exam, corresponding to the four possible areas of specialization.

What are those areas of HVAC specialization?

Type I is for small appliances like vending machines and fridges. Type II is for more standard residential AC units. Type III is for chillers, and then there’s a Universal certification that certifies you for all three classes of equipment at once.

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