How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Like New

Spring is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get a head start on cleaning your A/C system to get it running like new before the summer heat strikes. A clean A/C system is crucial to keeping it functioning as smoothly and as efficiently as possible so that you don’t have to go without cool air.

To ensure your A/C is in mint condition, follow these seven simple steps and learn how to clean your system. Remember, the Chas Roberts HVAC professionals are available if you need assistance with cleaning your system.

How To Clean Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

  1. To start, you’ll first want to turn off your system so you can safely work on it.
  2. Remove the grate cover on your system and clean it off. Removing the front cover may be different depending on what kind of A/C system you have. You may also need a 4-in-1 screw driver to help with this process.
  3. In the third step it’s time to replace the filter. If you’re having trouble finding the filter, read your manual. It should be located in the front of the device.
  4. Next you will want to locate the outside breaker switch, which is typically hidden beneath a flip-up lid close to the condenser unit and turn it off.
  5. Next, you want to remove the condenser unit top. A condenser unit is a set of coils, valves, and switches that is located inside the outdoor unit. It can be tricky to find, so if you’re having trouble locating or removing it, consult your system manual.
  6. You can also spray down the A/C system with the hose or use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris.
  7. Now that you’ve thoroughly cleaned your system, it’s time to let it dry. You will want to make sure your condenser unit sits for about 30-60 minutes and is fully dry before switching back on your system.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner?

Every six months of the cooling season, clean or replace the filter(s) in your air conditioning system. If the air conditioner is used often, the filter may need to be changed out more frequently.

You can also take advantage of our 26-point maintenance plan. During our 26-point maintenance plan, we’ll inspect the inside and outside of your entire system.


To ensure your heating and air conditioning systems continue to perform at their best for years to come, it is crucial to do routine maintenance and cleaning on your equipment.

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