House Hunting Plumbing Phoenix Tips

House hunting? Don’t forget about the plumbing Phoenix homes may have! Right after the excitement of putting an offer on a house is the anxious phase where you hold your breath, waiting to see the home inspection report. There is always more than meets the eye with these inspections, and many plumbing and piping checks do not show up on these reports.

Keep the following in mind as most home inspectors don’t have the credentials to inspect plumbing, with the exception of strictly whatever is visible. If you’re concerned, call in Arizona plumbing services to get the official okay.

Wall or Under-sink Pipes:

Home inspectors are generally only trained to look for clear signs of water leakage, such as mildew, mold, or water stains to drywall and wood, as they are typically signs of issues with plumbing Phoenix homes may have.

Septic Tanks:

Depending on the inspector, some may overlook the septic system entirely. Homes may have drain issues that go unnoticed until a professional uses dyes to test drainage. Inspecting the sewer is whole other story, and requires modern technology cameras to be inserted into the piping and pushed through the line to unveil the sewers condition.

Proper Drainage/Grading:

Ideally, when a home is first built, the property comes equipped with graded surface so that water can drain appropriately. This can be especially problematic in Arizona, as the hard ground does not naturally absorb water well. Without a properly graded foundation or drainage system in place, standing water could cause extensive damage to a home’s foundation.

Problems in these areas could be extremely costly! Be sure to have a qualified professional take a peek before you get all settled into your dream home that could have some nightmarish problems under the surface.

For more information on what to look for in your new home’s plumbing or to have the professionals take a look, contact your Arizona plumbing services at 602.943.3426 (Phoenix) or 520.292.6858 (Tucson). Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook!