Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Relaxing showers, clean dishes, fresh linens: Without an efficient water heater in Phoenix, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy several modern conveniences from the comfort of your home. And try living without a shower, washing machine and dishwasher for several days – it’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer wanting to learn about your plumbing or a seasoned dweller interested in increasing the longevity of your home’s systems, understanding how to maintain your hot water heater now can spare you major headache in the future.

To help you maintain your Phoenix water heater and ensure it runs optimally month-after-month and year-after-year, follow these tips from Chas Roberts’ team of Phoenix plumbers:

Tip #1: Add insulation. If your water heater insulation is less than R-16, invest in exterior insulation to go around the body of your unit and its hot and cold water pipes. Insulating your water heater increases its efficiency and longevity.

Tip #2: Adjust the Temperature. Before a long vacation, lower the temperature on your hot water heater. This ensures your water heater won’t run while you’re away. For every 10 degrees you lower the temperature, you’ll save up to 5 percent in energy costs. Who knew? You can start saving money for your next vacation while on vacation.

Tip #3: Flush your water heater. Flush your Phoenix water heater at least once a year to eliminate the bottom-feeding, viscous mixture of sediment and debris that accumulates in the tank. If you fail to purge this bacterial buildup, it can wreak havoc on your unit and pervade your plumbing, resulting in brownish, unhealthy water.

Maintaining your hot water heater is as easy as insulating, adjusting and flushing. By following these simple tips you can increase the longevity of your unit and avoid costly repairs.

From conventional to electric to tankless, Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Plumbing services all kinds of Arizona water heaters. So whether you’re in Greater Phoenix or Tucson, don’t delay – contact them today! Visit ChasRoberts.com or call (602) 943-3426 in the Phoenix area.