The History of Air Conditioning

Arizona residents can’t help but be thankful for the relief of an air conditioning unit in their homes, especially during the summer months. In the Valley, temperatures can reach over 115 degrees from June to August and in some years the warmer months can stretch from April until October. Arizona air conditioning units save our pets, loved ones and ourselves from overheating and give reprieve from the extreme temperatures during the summer. Although there is a high need for Arizona air conditioning units, many Phoenicians don’t know the origin of this valuable technology. Read below to find out how the current air conditioning unit technology can be traced back to the time of Ancient Rome.

The Concept

The concept of air conditioning was used as early as Ancient Rome in the homes of the wealthy. In certain houses aqueduct water was circulated through the walls to cool the inside of the home. Other techniques were reported in medieval Persia and involved using cisterns and wind towers to cool buildings during the warmer months. The rotary fan was reportedly used during the Han, Tang and Song Dynasties in early China.

Early Inspirations and Models

Models that better resemble air conditioning units of today appear in history around 1758, from Benjamin Franklin and a chemistry professor at Cambridge University, John Hadley. The two experimented with evaporation of alcohol and ether to lower the temperature of an object.

In the 1800s scientists further developed changing the temperature with the use of evaporation and compression. What began as a patent for an ice-making machine soon developed into the use of an ether vapor-compression refrigeration system. This system forced gas to pass through a condenser where it cooled, liquefied and then circulated over the refrigeration coils.

Finally in 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier created an air conditioning unit that sent air over coils filled with cold water and started The Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. Since then the chemicals used have changed, becoming more safe and reliable.

The Difference in Arizona

Today air conditioners provide home owners with the comfort of cool air during harsh summer months. Arizona air conditioning is especially important in the Valley. Without cooling units, Phoenix and the surrounding cities would be nearly impossible to live in when temperatures reach 100 degrees and continue to climb.

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