Hard Water Beauty Tips

Phoenix plumbers know that hard water is not ideal for skin and hair care. The best way to combat hard water is to put in a water softener, but installation is not cheap and many may find it out of their budget. Instead of reconfiguring your home’s entire plumbing system, check out a couple cool ways to work around hard water and still get the glowing results you read about in fashion mags. Gentlemen, don’t think this doesn’t apply to you! No one, man or woman, wants dry skin or dull hair.

Showerhead Water Filter

Instead of calling Phoenix plumbing services and completely reworking your plumbing system and paying a premium to do so, invest in a water filter for your showerhead. The filter attaches to the showerhead and works the way a water softener would, but is far less expensive and not at all a time commitment. Some showerhead filters are also designed to impede bacteria growth, making your housecleaning duties a breeze when it comes to the shower.

Self-Foaming Cleansers
Hard water does not always necessarily damage your skin; however, it may impede your soap from lathering properly. Invest in a self-foaming facial cleanser to avoid the possibility of hard water cramping your gel cleanser’s style. Many skin-care lines offer a variety of cleansing products, so you can still stick with a brand you trust.

Chelating agents work by binding tightly around metal ions and keeping them from reacting with other solvents like soaps or shampoos. Chelating shampoos help remove unwanted minerals from hard water by making them easier to rinse and therefore keeping them from damaging hair.

Bottled Water
As crazy as it may sound, simply wetting your head with bottled water before showering could be the remedy for hard water-damaged hair. When you wet your hair with hard water before shampooing, you hair absorbs all the calcium and magnesium in addition to the plain H2O. Wetting your hair with bottled water that has significantly fewer amounts of ions and minerals creates a buffer between your hair follicles and the hard water coming from the shower head. The same goes for the water that you use to wash your face.

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