Going Green with a 90% Furnace

HVAC Golden Rule #1: not all Phoenix air conditioning units are created equal, and this is especially true for both 80 and 90 percent furnaces. How we determine a unit’s energy efficiency depends on the amount of gas it burns and the electricity it consumes. A standard furnace generally operates at around 80 percent or less, meaning that 20 percent or more of the energy escapes through your furnace, costing you money and wasting resources. Here are the three key benefits of a 90 percent furnace.

Energy Efficiency
As crazy as it is to say, Arizonans do use heating in the winter! Your Phoenix AC contractors will recommend a 90 percent furnace for its efficiency. Ninety percent furnaces automatically sense the heating requirements of your home and default to a reduced, energy-conserving level when conditions allow. Replacing your old furnace with a 90 percent can save 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year if your house is heated using gas, and even more if it is heated with oil.

Increases Home Safety
A standard efficiency unit draws air from your home to the burner flame. This could create a backdraft, which collects combustion gases inside your home instead of going out the exhaust vent. Yikes!

Have you ever noticed that your skin feels drier during the colder winter months? This could also be from the same standard unit drying out the natural humidity in your household. Call up your local Phoenix AC contractors to install a 90 percent unit that incorporates a combustion chamber separate from the house. This will eliminate possible harmful backdrafting and help keep your home at a normal level of humidity.

Saves You Money
In switching to a 90 percent unit, the environment will thank you as well as your pocketbook. It’s estimated that a 90 percent furnace can save you $33 for every $100 you spend. With savings like these, you can easily recoup the higher up-front cost of a 90 percent unit with even more pocket change to come. As an added benefit, federal, state, and local governments all offer incentives in discounts and rebates for high-efficiency units that operate at 90 percent and above.

If you have any questions about the different types of furnaces, or find yourself wanting to go green with your Phoenix air conditioning unit, call Chas Roberts at 602.943.3426 for Phoenix and 520.292.6858 for Tucson. We offer 24-hour emergency service by trained and certified technicians. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and direct any questions or concerns to info@chasroberts.com!