Make Your Summer Eco-Friendly

Temperatures are rising in Arizona, which means more families are beginning to turn on their air conditioners for a bit of cool relief from the summer heat. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a broken or damaged air conditioning unit, especially at the beginning of summer. Now is an excellent time to consider replacing an aging air conditioner with a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly Tucson air conditioning unit.

Consider these benefits of replacing your Tucson air conditioner with a new one:

It’s good for the environment. If your air conditioning unit was built before 2010, it might be damaging the ozone. In 2010, new environmental requirements went into effect that regulate the chemicals used in air conditioning units, including in Tucson air conditioners. These new regulations prohibit the R-22 coolant used in most central air conditioning systems manufactured prior to 2010. The use of R-22, also known as hydrochlorofluorocarbon or HCFC, results in releases of harmful chlorine emissions and chlorine gas. Because these chemicals are especially harmful to the ozone, R-22 has been replaced by R410a, a chlorine-free and non-ozone damaging coolant in new air conditioners beginning in 2010. Instead of risking the chance that your home air conditioning system is damaging the ozone, choose an environmentally friendly air conditioner that will cool your home while helping to preserve our planet.

It’s good for your wallet. “Green” air conditioners tend to be more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts. In fact, a more energy-efficient Tucson air conditioning unit can reduce your energy costs by up to 40%, resulting in more savings for you and less wasted energy. Plus, there are a number of tax incentives and rebates available for homeowners who install an energy-efficient air conditioner, all of which can increase your savings.

Call in the experts

It’s easy to see how installing a “green” air conditioning unit can help the environment and your wallet. However, it pays to ensure that you’re working with an experienced air conditioning professional. A true professional will recommend a system that suits your household needs, budget, and will be able to install it properly. Do something good for the environment and your wallet. Contact Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule your system replacement. Call (520) 292-6858 in Tucson, (602) 328-5066 in the Phoenix area, or visit