Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Humidifiers

Ever wondered how a humidifier actually works? Or why we need it? You’re not alone. The Phoenix heating and air conditioning experts at Chas Roberts know there is more to the mystery device than you think.

In its most basic definition, a humidifier is a device that circulates moisture in a room, complex, or building. Single-room humidifiers are standalone devices, while whole-house humidifiers are a part of a home’s HVAC system. In short, a humidifier disperses artificial humidity to indoor spaces that are excessively dry.

Now that we’ve got a solid definition for what a humidifier is, we can tackle the more pressing question . . . why?!

Phoenix heating and air conditioning specialists and Phoenix AC contractors are brutally aware of how dry Arizona’s climate is, and you probably are too. Other parts of the country know dry weather and winter to go hand in hand, but Arizonans and Phoenix AC contractors know that dryness is an all-year kind of issue. The year-round dry spell is often the culprit of chapped skin, respiratory problems, and even damage to your home’s wood floors and furniture.

Humidifiers help.

A humidifier replenishes the dry air in your home with moisture, soothing your dehydrated skin and warding off illnesses that thrive the persistent dryness. The magic little device can even reduce the volume of your thunderous snoring by combatting the dehydration in your throat, helping you and your partner sleep better.

During cold season, humidifiers reduce your chances of getting sick. That’s right; the humidity added to the air coats your nasal passages and respiratory system and helps your immune system ward off common ailments associated with dry air. Some models of humidifier are even specially designed to help purify the air.

Best of all is the damage to your house that a humidifier can eliminate. Dry weather can warp the wood in your house and cause it to crack, be it wood flooring or a piece of wooden furniture. Humidifiers can keep the wood in your home crack-proof by sealing in moisture and combatting the dryness in the air.

If you now realize that a humidifier is more than just a weird fan-looking thing sitting on a dusty shelf at Bed Bath and Beyond, you may want to consider contacting a Chas Roberts Phoenix heating and air conditioning expert about installing one into your home’s HVAC system. For more information about Phoenix AC repair, head to http://www.chasroberts.com/. Be sure to check out Chas Roberts’ blog for more cool HVAC and plumbing articles!

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