When DIY Goes Too Far

When it comes to Phoenix heating and cooling, one of the most gratifying feelings is being able to accomplish by yourself what other people pay professionals good money to do. However, there are times when attempting repairs on a Phoenix air conditioning or heating system on your own does more harm than good. Know your limits, and know when it’s time to bring in a professional. Here are a few instances where the lines might be blurred.

Central Air Conditioner Not Working

  • What You Can Do
    • Make sure the unit itself if set to “cool”
    • Check the main electrical panel for a blown fuse
    • If your system has it, check the water collection tray for excess water.
  • What You Should Not Attempt
    • Replacing the thermostat compressor by yourself
    • Meddling with the thermostat control beyond simply turning it off and on again
    • Recharging the coolant by yourself

Air Conditioner Cools Poorly

  • What You Can Do
    • Check to see if the air filter is dirty and replace it if necessary
    • Inspect the ductwork in your home for discontinuities. Do not attempt to fix ductwork without the help of a professional!
    • Lubricate the fan motor according to the instructions in your owner’s manual
  • What You Should Not Attempt
    • Repairing and reconnecting broken ductwork
    • Replacing the air conditioner’s blower belt (unless you have step-by-step instructions from a trained professional)
    • Replacing your air conditioner’s blower motor with a variable speed motor

Heater Not Heating

  • What You Can Do
    • Make sure the thermostat is set properly
    • Check for anything obstructing the flow of hot air
    • Replace a fuse if it has blown
  • What You Should Not Attempt
    • Replacing a fuse after is has repeatedly blown
    • Replacing the pilot light on a gas furnace
    • Increasing the speed of the blower motor

Remember, the goal of DIY repairs on Phoenix heating and cooling is to save you money on something you don’t need the help of a professional to do. If, however, you find yourself at all unclear on instructions you may find in an owner’s manual or on the web, it’s time to call in a Phoenix air conditioning pro.

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