Dear Chas: What Is Going On with My Air Conditioner?

Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Plumbing is the top Phoenix air conditioning service contractor. They have built their business and reputation by serving hundreds of thousands of Arizona homeowners over the past 73 years.

So when it comes to your air conditioning and heating questions, who better to answer than the Phoenix AC repair experts at Chas? They have been hearing and answering questions for decades and has compiled a list of some of the most common.

Q: Repair or replace my cooling and heating system – how do I know what to do?

A: The idea that a Phoenix AC repair is less expensive on an older system than replacement is somewhat misleading. The cooling appliance in your home runs 12 to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week for 7-9 months a year. If the unit has a major mechanical failure, and is getting close to its life expectancy, the cost of repair will most likely exceed the value you will receive from repair. If the unit is older and has a minor part failure or parts are merely worn from use and the unit is not having performance issues beyond the immediate failure, repair may be a viable option over replacement.

Q: What temperature should I set my thermostat?

A: The industry recommendation is to maintain a temperature between 78-82 degrees in the summer for best cooling and efficiency, and between 68-72 degrees in the winter for heating. If you have a programmable thermostat, try to set temperatures that vary no more than 4-5 degrees.

Q: What maintenance should be done on my system?

A: The most valuable and frequently overlooked maintenance a homeowner can do is replacing the air filter. The best running air conditioner in the world cannot work properly if the airflow is being blocked by a dirty filter. Next, keep the air space around the outdoor unit free from clutter and debris which will clog the outdoor coil and reduce the cooling effect. Also be prudent about keeping pets and vermin away from the unit as their urine can damage the soft metals in the coil and they can damage wires and seals by chewing. It’s highly recommended that you have a licensed Phoenix air conditioning service contractor perform mechanical maintenance on the equipment twice a year. Service companies like Chas Roberts recommend seasonal maintenance in the spring and fall to help identify issues and potential problems before the unit fails. Resolving the issues greatly reduces the likelihood of a Phoenix AC repair emergency in the summer or winter months. It is a good idea to consider purchasing a service agreement, like the Comfort Assurance Plan (C.A.P.) offered by Chas Roberts, which is designed to keep the system running at peak efficiency year-round.

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