Why You Should Consider an Extended Warranty for your HVAC

As with many major home appliances, a newly installed Arizona air conditioning system comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. Most warranties cover a specific time period – usually five years. And they cover specific parts and components of the system.

But, as a smart consumer, you should know that basic warranties from the air conditioning manufacturers don’t cover every cost associated with repairing the system. Things such as the cost of labor to fix the system, handling fees, and more are often not included in warranty coverage – meaning you get hit with the bill.

An extended warranty may also allow you to increase the length of time your system is covered. If the basic manufacturer’s warranty ends after five years, you may be able to purchase an extended warranty for up to 10 or more of the life of the system.

Chas Roberts Air Extended Warranty

Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Plumbing has been installing new systems and taking care of air conditioning repair in Phoenix for more than 70 years, so they know the importance of making sure you’re covered when something goes wrong.

For Arizona homeowners who want an extra measure of protection, Chas Roberts offers manufacturers’ extended warranties for up to 10 years of coverage.

Although all new heating and cooling systems Chas Roberts installs come from the manufacturer with a limited warranty, this manufacturer’s warranty only allows for free part replacement for a specified time period and does not cover the associated costs of replacing a part such as refrigerant, EPA charges, welding and recovery fees, handling fees and labor – all of which can really add up to a big dent in your wallet.

By purchasing a manufacturer’s extended warranty, you would be provided with extended replacement coverage on your Arizona air conditioning, while also protecting you from unexpected bills and inflation, and guaranteeing that the HVAC equipment will be repaired by a factory-trained Chas Roberts technician. Also, you get peace of mind that only genuine manufacturer parts will be used.

Another benefit of Chas Roberts extended manufacturer’s warranties: they are transferable to subsequent owners of your home, as long as the equipment remains in its original configuration at its original installation site.

Are you ready to have the peace of mind that an extended manufacturer’s warranty would provide? Contact Chas Roberts! Visit ChasRoberts.com or call (602) 943-3426 in Phoenix, (520) 618-1884 in Tucson or (505) 264-7257 in New Mexico.