Common Heating and Cooling Phoenix Mistakes

Top 5 Most Common Heating Mistakes

As the temperatures begin to drop outside and we crank the heat inside, there are some heating and cooling Phoenix mistakes that we all make in our attempts to stay warm and cozy. The scary truth is that some of the little things we do can be costing us serious money and damaging our furnaces. Phoenix AC contractors agree that for the most cost-effective and efficient furnace, you should avoid these common errors

1. Turning up a Thermostat Too High, Too Quickly

We Arizonians are not quite used to the frigid temperatures of winter, and don’t know proper heating techniques. Often we come home in the winter to a freezing abode and immediately turn up the thermostat. While cranking up the heat may thaw our frozen fingers, it could also jack up your heating bill. It’s best to just be patient with the heater and let it work at its natural pace.

2.Turning Down at Night

Even though you may think that you’re saving money by letting the temperatures drop during the night, this could be costly as it causes your heating system to work extremely hard in the morning. Try to be as consistent as possible with your thermostat for optimal efficiency.

3.Overworking a Thermostat

If you want the house to be at a comfortable 75 degrees, but the thermostat is only reaching 70, turning up the thermostat to 80 degrees in order to make up the difference could be putting a lot of harmful strain on your furnace. Contact your Phoenix AC contractors to help find where heat is escaping in your home or to replace the faulty furnace.

4.Neglecting the Heating Unit

The idea of turning on a heater in the spring and even summer can be a painful thought to most Arizonans; however, like a car that doesn’t get driven very often, it is best to turn on your heater every now and then. Although heating units generally don’t need to be serviced during the summer, it’s best if you give heating and cooling Phoenix units a clean every two to three months and run them for a few minutes.

5.Leaving Curtains Open on Sunny Days

Some of the most powerful heating can come from solar warmth. Give your furnace a break and let nature work it’s magic by leaving your curtains and blinds up and tucked away. Having clean, non-dusty windows is the best way to let in direct sunlight to help heat your home.

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