Chas Roberts A/C & Plumbing Takes the Lead in Energy Efficiency

Arizona’s Leading Provider of A/C Systems in New Homes Brings Sustainable Living to Phoenix and Tucson

(November 6, 2017) – Chas Roberts A/C & Plumbing is doing their part to keep energy consumption and costs down in Arizona. They do this with their continued dedication to the Energy Star program. By adhering to those standards, set by the Environmental Protection Agency, their A/C systems are giving new homes up to a 30% savings in energy consumption over homes built in prior years. This bodes very well for the long-term sustainability of Phoenix and Tucson given the high share of new homes in those markets that Chas Roberts contracts for. More than 80% of the A/C Systems installed by Chas Roberts in Phoenix and Tucson are Energy Star homes. According to the EPA, 53% of new builds in Arizona in 2016 were Energy Star homes, which is the highest in the country.

Chas Roberts was a pioneer in the EPA’s Energy Star program for home energy consumption as the first to adopt them in their markets. There are a few key features in this program that provide for the significant savings:

  • Homes include high-efficiency cooling and heating units
  • Homes include more insulation and tighter ducts than standard homes
  • Homes are tested and inspected to ensure they meet strict EPA and DOE requirements

Recently, Arizona’s leading power provider, APS, also touted the Energy Star program with a letter sent to homebuilders and contractors. Their letter explains that “correctly sized” A/C units are key to energy efficiency and gives some tips on maximizing their performance such as making proper use of your programmable thermostat and using ceiling fans.

Damon Bromagem, VP of Residential Sales & Service was pleased to see the letter from APS. “It’s great to see APS taking action to advocate for Energy Star and their tips for maximizing it are consistent with our experiences over the years. What we’ve found is most important for consumers to understand is that big fluctuations in the temperature that your thermostat is set to is the number one culprit in higher energy costs. When the A/C system turns on, the power it pulls to start back up repeatedly is what makes consumer electric bills jump significantly.” Keeping a consistent temperature for comfort goes against conventional thinking that consumers could save energy by turning their thermostats up significantly while they were away from home.

June 19th of 2017 broke an 11-year-old record for APS in terms of energy consumption in a single day. Major power providers SRP and Tucson Electric Power also reported all-time records being set that day. With a growing population and soaring summer temperatures, this makes energy savings as important as ever in Arizona.

Chas Roberts COO Bob Shank says he and his company are big believers in EPA’s Energy Star and he sees nothing but good things on the horizon for the program. “We were the first in our industry to get on board with Energy Star because we saw it as the future. In the harsh desert climate of Arizona, sustainable living takes on even greater importance. Energy Star is a very critical program to our state, given the need for heavy use of air conditioning from May through September. The efficiency standards and energy savings are what will ensure our long-term success in the desert.”