Chas Roberts A/C & Plumbing Releases Guide to Energy Star Homes

Cooling systems in Energy Star Homes work more efficiently when consumers maximize their potential

(February 21, 2018) – Valley HVAC company Chas Roberts released their guide to Energy Star Homes. 85% of the homes that Chas Roberts installs the HVAC systems in are Energy Star, which is well above the state of Arizona (53%) and national (10%) averages.  Energy Star was launched by the EPA in 1992 to promote energy efficient appliances and has been quite successful. In Arizona, the real impact has been with energy savings during the summer, through the Energy Star standards for the homes as a whole. Because the whole home rating is fairly recent, not all new home buyers understand the difference between their previous older home and their new Energy Star home. For this reason, Chas Roberts is releasing this guide to understanding and getting the most out of this very important feature.

The biggest difference between Energy Star homes and standard, older homes in the Phoenix area is that they cool down at a different rate. Common wisdom with older style cooling systems is that you could save energy by turning the system off or at least increasing the temperature on the thermostat while people were not in the home and then “crank up” the air upon arriving back home in the afternoon or evening. While this may have worked to save energy with some limited success on older style home, it will not work in Energy Star homes and will leave the new homeowner with less comfortable temperatures and higher bills. Chas Roberts’ guide will clear up that misconception and give owners of new homes that are rated for Energy Star all the information they need to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature all the time and really see the savings on their electric bill that the program was intended to yield.

Damon Bromagem, V.P. of Residential Sales and Service at Chas Roberts says that Energy Star is a great program and this new guide will really help their customers understand how they work, “Communicating exactly how to maximize their Energy Star home has become a big priority for us. With 85% of our customers choosing this type of home for their new purchase, it shows the incredible market demand for lower bills and more efficiency. This guide will show them how to get both comfort and savings, which is a win-win.”

The guide is available to the public and will also be given in the form of a physical pamphlet to each new home buyer who chooses Energy Star by Chas Roberts and participating builders.