The Benefits of “Going Green:” New Energy-Saving Technologies

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow warmer, chances are your thoughts have once again shifted to Phoenix or Tucson air conditioning. Here at Chas Roberts, we know that with a southwest summer comes the promise of afternoons by the pool, relaxing dinners with family, and, of course, the daily adjusting of that thermostat.

But this summer, instead of sweating the electricity bill, why not consider balancing your comfort with your budget?

Why not go green with brand new and ever evolving energy-saving technologies?

Say Goodbye to the Old…

Oftentimes, older air conditioning units (specifically those built before 2010) that seem to function properly on the surface can actually be taking a rather serious toll on the environment. In 2010, a number of beneficial environmental requirements went into effect to regulate the chemicals being used in air conditioning manufacturing. The result was a system that rejected the use of the R-22 coolant, a chemical that emits harmful chlorine gasses into the atmosphere, damaging the ozone and harming the environment.

…And Hello to the New

Leaving the R-22 coolant in the desert dust, these new greener units now rely on a much safer coolant called R410a – a chlorine-free alternative that actually supports energy efficiency while preserving the environment. Additionally, by investing in a newer system that triumphs ozone protection over harmful chemical use, you’ll not only help save the environment – you’ll save money. Because they serve to place our environment (and your comfort!) first, oftentimes, by purchasing a newer unit, you’ll be eligible for a number of substantial rebates and tax credits. And because they utilize less energy on the whole, even after your rebate, you’ll be making a decision that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

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