How Does Air Conditioning Work?

For Arizonans, central air conditioning is essential during the hot summer months. With temperatures that can reach well over 100 degrees even on a cooler day, many homes are equipped with air conditioning systems designed to keep homes cool and comfortable throughout the summer season. But have you ever wondered just how your home’s central air conditioning system works or what you should do if you need air conditioning service? Let’s find out.

The Cooling Process

The easiest way to understand how your air conditioner works is by comparing it to a refrigerator. Both systems draw heat out of a room or other space, ultimately creating a space with less heat in it to create a cool and comfortable environment. An important component in the cooling process is refrigerant. Most people have heard of Freon, which was previously used as a cooling chemical until studies proved that it had dangerous ozone-depleting properties. In fact, in 2010 new environmental requirements went into effect that regulate the chemicals used in air conditioning units. In new air conditioners, Freon has been replaced by a safer refrigerant that has no chlorine, which is better for the environment.The refrigerant in the air conditioner works with the air in your home to make you feel cooler. It first enters a compressor in your air conditioning unit, at which point it goes from a cool gas into a compressed, warm gas at high pressure. It then passes through condensing coils located outside of your home, allowing the heat from the gas to dissipate outside. After passing through these coils, the gas has become a cooler liquid that is pushed through an expansion valve, creating a fine mist of refrigerant that begins to evaporate quickly. It evaporates by absorbing heat from the air to turn into a gas, thereby lowering the temperature inside your home. This process repeats until your desired temperature has been reached, at which point your air conditioning unit shuts off until the system is needed once more.

Work with the Best

Proper air conditioning service and air conditioning maintenance is critical to keeping your home cool in the summer. If you notice a leak coming from your air conditioning system, it’s important to immediately contact the best air conditioning and heating specialists Arizona has to offer – Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Heating. Chas Roberts will work with you to ensure that you are back to a comfortable and cool home as quickly as possible.

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