Top 5 Reasons to Consider Air Conditioning Maintenance Programs

The Arizona heat is just around the corner and air conditioners will be buzzing nonstop as they attempt to reduce the heat in your home. Setting up an HVAC preventive maintenance check with Chas Roberts is vital to help avoid service concerns. Doing so will ensure that your A/C system runs as efficiently as possible this summer, so you and your family can live comfortably.

It’s simple to overlook the need for annual heating and cooling maintenance checks. A lot of homeowners don’t give their HVAC systems much thought unless they’re having problems.

To keep your system working at its maximum potential, we use a 26-point maintenance plan, to inspect the inside and outside of your entire unit.

You can also opt into our MVP Plan, a maintenance agreement for your air conditioning and heating systems that provides regular system upkeep.

With the MVP Plan, you’ll receive:

  • Complimentary plumbing inspection (plumbing not offered in Tucson currently)
  • Increase system efficiency
  • Transferrable agreement to a new homeowner (if needed)
  • Priority service
  • 24-hour emergency response time
  • No overtime rates
  • Cost savings
  • 10% discount on repairs

You’re probably thinking how long does the agreement last? The minimum length of our preventative maintenance contract is one year. You are however welcome to make bookings for longer than a single year. If you renew the preventive maintenance contract promptly, you are eligible for a 10% discount on your next contract.

Opting into an air conditioning maintenance plan can help you save on your energy bill, boost your indoor air quality, and more.

Helps You Conserve More Energy

In the summer months, your unit works intensely to cool your home. During that time, a significant amount of wear and tear can happen to your A/C, its parts and equipment. Less energy is used when efficiency is higher, lowering energy bills and creating a more comfortable space for extended periods.

Better Air Quality

Everyone wants to breathe clean, fresh air and that is possible when you have a well-maintained air conditioner. We have many allergens and pollutants in our houses that we’d rather not breathe in including, dust, lint, dander, etc., so it may be time to have your unit checked by a professional.

Increases the Lifespan of Your System

Your A/C’s quality is elongated with regular maintenance. Maintenance allows you to achieve the best performance out of your system for as long as possible. Regular checkups can help keep your air conditioner running smoothly, which can be a cost-effective way to prevent small repairs from adding up.

Prevent a Breakdown

Regular air conditioning maintenance lessens the likelihood that your cooling system will malfunction. If your air conditioner fails when you need it most, it could be a dangerous situation for you and your family. Avoid cooling emergencies by signing up for a maintenance plan and have your unit serviced by a Chas Roberts HVAC expert.

Helps You Save on Your Energy Bills

A poorly maintained A/C system will have to work harder to cool your home, especially in warmer climates. The harder your system works, the more money you will spend on your monthly energy bill. If you notice your bills are increasing, it may be time to have your unit serviced.

It can also help you save money another way. Since most manufacturers want documentation of annual maintenance if you submit a warranty claim, an HVAC maintenance plan may also guarantee that your unit is still covered by its warranty.

Decreases Deterioration

If your air conditioner is maintained, it will have less wear and tear than one that is overworked and never maintained. When you take care of the little things along the way, the requirement for big repairs is avoided as a result.

A maintenance schedule for your HVAC system will enable you to identify minor problems before they become major ones and make your house unbearably hot or cold for your family throughout the hot summer.

Convenient Service

Regular HVAC maintenance is necessary for optimal performance. Yearly maintenance is necessary for your air conditioning system, whether or not you have experienced any issues or changes in performance. Proper system service should prevent you from ever having an issue.


Achieve peace of mind when it comes to the quality of air in your home. To ensure that your system continues to perform at its very best for an extended period, it is crucial to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. HVAC units need regular maintenance to ensure they run correctly and efficiently.

Chas Roberts services 28 cities in Metro Phoenix and Tucson and provides exceptional, one-on-one customer service and knowledgeable advice on your air conditioning maintenance.

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