Having AC Problems? What you May be Able to Do to Fix It

Arizona in June is perhaps one of the worst places to be without an air conditioner. Yet it’s precisely when many home HVAC systems begin to fail, as the scorching temperatures become a daily occurrence.

Not every AC problem is the same. Some may have a simple, do-it-yourself fix, while others will require attention from a reputable, knowledgeable HVAC company that handles air conditioning repairs in Phoenix.

Common Problems and Solutions

Unless you are a trained Phoenix air conditioning contractor, it may be hard to figure out what’s wrong with your unit and why it’s not operating effectively. Below are some common causes for air conditioning malfunction, and what can be done to fix the problem.

Air coming out of the unit isn’t cool: First, try setting your thermostat a few degrees cooler. Sometimes it’s just an issue of the temperature not being low enough. If that doesn’t work, it may be a condenser issue: either the condenser is blocked or it’s dirty. If it’s blocked, take a look and see if you can safely remove any debris. Also, make sure the area is free of grass or weeds. If the condenser is dirty, clean the coil and fins.

Condenser stops running: The condenser might stop running if the thermostat is set too high or if the motor or compressor is faulty. If it’s a temperature issue, that’s simple – just lower the thermostat by five degrees. If it’s a faulty motor or compressor, it’s time to call in an expert like Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Plumbing.

System cools unevenly: If the system cools well in some parts of the house but not in others, your unit may need rebalancing. It’s best to call one of Chas Roberts’ professional Phoenix air conditioning contractors to take care of this.

Inadequate cooling: Is your unit the right size for your house? If not, it won’t adequately keep you cool. An expert that handles air conditioning repairs in Phoenix will be able to assess what size system is best for your home. Or, check the evaporator. It may just be dirty and just need a cleaning.

Call in the Experts

Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Plumbing has been serving Arizona homeowners for more than 70 years, and has a strong, long-standing reputation in Arizona. Family-owned and operated since 1942, the company installs only the top name brands such as Carrier, Goodman and Trane. The company has received the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s IMPACT Award; been a finalist for the Better Business Bureau Business Ethics Award; ranked in the Top 5 of Arizona Business Magazine’s Ranking Arizona listing for four years; named Most Admired Company in the privately-owned business category in Arthur Andersen’s Arizona 100 list; and named by the Phoenix Business Journal as one of the Top 100 privately held companies.

If you need air conditioning repair in Phoenix, there is only one company to call – Chas Roberts. To schedule a repair or replacement appointment, schedule an appointment online or call (602) 943-3426 in Phoenix, (520) 618-1884 in Tucson or (505) 264-7257 in New Mexico.