7 Reasons to Schedule Your New Year HVAC Inspection Today

Is scheduling regular HVAC maintenance one of your 2021 resolutions? It should be! Regular maintenance can have benefits for your system and home that you may not have considered. The qualified professionals at Chas Roberts are here to assist in all your HVAC needs to ensure your 2021 runs smoothly. Here are 7 reasons to start your new year off strong by getting an HVAC inspection on the schedule right away.

1. Keep Indoor Air Clean

Regular HVAC maintenance can ensure the air in your home stays clean and at a high quality. Dirt, dust, and other particles can build up in your HVAC equipment which can obstruct clean airflow into your home. This causes your system to work harder to produce clean air and causes wear and tear on your system. Maintaining your system can ensure it stays clean and running properly and that these particles are not polluting your indoor air. This can extend the lifespan of your HVAC equipment and help you breathe fresher air indoors.

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to keep indoor air clean. The quality of air in your home can directly impact the spread and symptoms of respiratory diseases and other illnesses. Homeowners should be taking extra precautions to ensure they are breathing clean air in their home and reducing the spread of COVID-19. Scheduling your HVAC maintenance now can ensure that you maintain clean indoor air in your home throughout the year.

2. Prevent breakdowns before it is too late

The best time for air conditioning maintenance is before it’s actually needed. If your system stops working, it becomes an emergency service which can cause stress and urgency. This can be prevented by ensuring all parts, and the system as a whole, are working properly ahead of time. Preventative maintenance can ensure your HVAC system lives a long life which can save you money in the long run. A replacement HVAC system can cost upwards of several thousand dollars when you factor in delivery and installation. A well-maintained HVAC system can last up to 15 years, while ones that are left without maintenance often barely reach the age of seven, essentially less than half of their expected lifespan. Broken HVAC equipment does not happen overnight and can usually be prevented by regular inspections on the unit. Chas Roberts qualified professionals are trained to identify these potential issues and make repairs to help you prevent these issues before it is too late.

3. Get ahead of the heat

When the temperatures rise and summer is in full swing, your HVAC system will be running non-stop which can cause wear and tear on your system. It is best to have your system maintained beforehand to prevent any issues in the heat. Scheduling your maintenance for the beginning of the year can ensure that your air conditioner is running cool air throughout your home as soon as temperatures begin to rise. At Chas Roberts, we encourage all our customers to schedule maintenance early, as our 26-point maintenance inspections are not available between June and the beginning of September. Booking now can guarantee your HVAC system is fully prepared for the Arizona summer.

4. Lower Energy Usage

HVAC systems that are not regularly maintained must work harder to push warm or cool air through your home. This additional effort by your system means your energy usage is higher and therefore increases your energy costs. You can see a difference in your utility bills by ensuring your system is running at its highest efficiency with regular maintenance. Scheduling your inspection now ensures that you can keep your utility bills down throughout 2021 which can save that money to be used elsewhere.

5. Safety

Lack of regular maintenance on your HVAC unit can lead to hazards in your home. You will want to start out the new year strong by reducing the risk of safety issues. Buildup in your HVAC system can become a fire hazard if not properly examined. An inspection can ensure your vents remain clean and that air flow is not blocked. Additionally, our qualified technicians can monitor all electrical connections on your system to avoid any exposed wiring, lose connections, or water draining to the systems components. Any of these issues can create electrical hazards which should be addressed immediately. It is crucial to have a licensed professional monitor these potential safety hazards within your home which is why Chas Roberts is here to help address any issues as soon as possible.

6. Beat the Rush

Booking your HVAC inspection earlier in the year ensures you get the first pick of availability for our qualified technicians.  As we approach the summer heat, more HVAC inspections will be requested which can limit availability. You don’t want to get caught up in the last-minute rush of summer inspections. Be the first to book so you can find the best time that works for you. Call Chas Roberts today and we can guarantee an appointment that is flexible with your schedule.

7. Peace of Mind

Scheduling your new-year HVAC maintenance today can ensure you have the peace of mind that your system will run properly in 2021. By allowing professionals to take care of the inspection, you can take one more item off your to-do list for the new year. For over 70 years, Chas Roberts has become Arizona’s largest HVAC provider by providing quality, honest service. Contacting our qualified professionals ensures you can relax knowing that your system is being taken care of properly.

Make Your 2021 Maintenance Easy with the MVP Plan

Make your HVAC system a priority in 2021 with the MVP Maintenance Plan. With this plan, you’ll enjoy priority service when it comes to scheduling, as well as exclusive savings, 24-hour emergency response times, and more. It’s an easy way to take the stress out of HVAC maintenance, and make your system run at its best all year long. Contact us today for more information!