5 Reasons Not to Skip A/C Maintenance

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about our air conditioners as long as they keep us cool. However, skipping A/C maintenance can have serious consequences, especially with our scorching Arizona summes. We tend to take our A/C systems for granted until they fail us on the hottest days of the year.

Air conditioners work especially hard here, as we run them for months at a time with no break, and they need to be well-maintained to operate at peak performance when we need them most.

Here are five reasons not to skip A/C maintenance:

  1. You shorten the lifespan of your equipment when you fail to maintain it adequately.

Our HVAC systems represent a significant investment, and like any equipment, the better it’s maintained, the longer it will last.  We all want to extend the life of our A/C units for as long as possible, but that won’t happen without regular professional maintenance.

After a season of it working hard, you need to have your A/C checked to ensure no issues need further attention.

Chas Roberts has a 26-point maintenance plan that will keep your A/C system in top condition. The cooling season checklist includes:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Inspect disconnect switch
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Test starting capabilities
  • Test safety controls
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check airflow
  • Inspect duct connection at unit
  • And more

Some manufacturer’s warranties require your air conditioner to be annually maintained to protect your warranty and keep the parts warranty current, which is another reason not to skip regular maintenance on your unit.

  1. Your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance for maximum energy efficiency.

According to energy.gov, neglecting regular maintenance ensures a steady decline in performance and a steady increase in energy use.

While air conditioning accounts for about 12% of energy expenditures in U.S. homes, the percentage can be as high as 17% in the southwest. That adds up to hundreds of dollars a year spent on cooling our homes.

So it makes sense for us to do everything we can to keep our summer energy bills as low as possible.  That includes ensuring our air conditioning systems are well-maintained and functioning with the utmost efficiency.

You’ll see higher utility bills with a poorly maintained A/C unit, as it has to work much harder to produce enough cool air.  An older unit will work even harder and cost more in energy use.

You may be changing the filters when they look dirty or wiping down the outside of your unit, but air conditioners need annual professional maintenance to work at maximum energy efficiency.

If you haven’t maintained your air conditioner regularly, you may notice your energy bills are getting higher, and your unit may be short cycling or not cooling your home evenly.

Regular A/C maintenance will help keep your energy bills under control and your unit running at peak efficiency.

You’ll save money by not spending more than you need to on summer energy bills when utility rates are at their highest.

  1. Regular A/C maintenance will help you avoid equipment breakdowns.

Equipment breakdowns are never pleasant, but having your air conditioner fail on a 100-degree day is brutal. However, you can usually avoid that unpleasant scenario with a well-maintained system.

We know we need to maintain our cars to avoid breakdowns, and the same is true of our A/C systems. We increase our chances of breakdowns when we skip regular maintenance of either.

And unlike maintaining your car, A/C technicians come to your home, so you never have to go to a repair shop to have your A/C system serviced.

In our summer climate, an air conditioner breakdown can pose a threat to the health and well-being of our family members, especially the elderly and anyone with health problems.

Dirt, pollen, and bacteria can also accumulate in a neglected A/C unit, blowing polluted air into your home that can have unpleasant health consequences.

Regularly maintaining your A/C system significantly increases the chances of it running smoothly and keeping your home cool on the hottest days.

  1. Regularly maintaining your air conditioner lets you know when it’s time to replace an older system.

Even the most well-maintained air conditioning systems will eventually need replacement. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your A/C system for as long as possible, but the time will come when it’s best to replace your older unit.

With regular maintenance, you’ll usually have a warning that it’s time to replace your failing, older system with a new, more efficient A/C system.

That’s better than being taken by surprise in the middle of summer when your older unit fails for good. You’ll have the time to examine all your options and make the best decision.

The pros at Chas Roberts can help you choose a new energy-efficient A/C system to replace an older, inefficient system that’s on the brink of failure.

  1. You’ll spend more on repairs with a poorly maintained A/C system.

A well-maintained HVAC system needs far fewer repairs than a system where maintenance has been neglected.

We don’t save money by failing to maintain our air conditioners, as repair costs mount with a poorly maintained A/C system, and we end up spending more.

An A/C pro can detect minor problems with your system before they become significant problems requiring expensive repair. Deferred maintenance always results in higher repair costs.

The most cost-effective solution for your air conditioning system is regular professional maintenance.


Having your A/C system inspected thoroughly by a pro is the best way to prevent problems before they can occur. Skipping A/C maintenance is never a wise choice and will always end up costing you more in money, time, and inconvenience.

Regular maintenance is also the best way to avoid costly repairs and ensure your system runs at peak efficiency and keeps you cool during the hottest months of the year.

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