3 Little Tips to Save Big on Your Water Bill

Phoenix plumbers estimate that the average family of four uses 255 gallons of water every week. Living in Arizona involves a good amount of water consumption, but there are plenty of opportunities to cut back on water usage and save a couple bucks! Our Arizona plumbing services professionals at Chas Roberts have a few tips.

1. Saving Water in the Bathroom

Between toilet flushing, hand-washing, showering, and bathing, the bathroom is easily the place where we use the most water. Little tips like turning the water off while brushing your teeth are the obvious examples of how to cut back on wasting water, but there are ways to save in greater amounts as well. Using a long-flow shower head can reduce water flow in a shower by as much as 40 percent. Run less water in the tub when taking a bath. Filling the tub entirely full may be relaxing, but unnecessary for simply cleaning the body. Toilet flushing accounts for, on average, 100 gallons of water per week. It might seem that this is an unavoidable expense of water, but a dual flush toilet or a water-saving model can reduce your water use greatly.

2. Save Water in the Kitchen

A lot of water is wasted in the kitchen since a great amount is used to clean. To help lighten your chores and save water, limit your use of dishes and cups when preparing and eating meals. Only run the dishwasher when the load is completely full. You will be surprised at how much water you save.

3. Save Water in the Laundry Room

Similar to the dishwasher, only run a load of laundry when the washer is full. Smaller loads of laundry are unnecessary wastes of water. Before pressing START, make sure that all the garments are really in need of a wash. A pair of jeans you only wore once since the last wash probably does not need to be washed just yet. Removing items that aren’t in need of washing yet will free up space for other dirty clothes, creating fewer loads and thus using less water.

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Image: Dustin Moore

Source: http://www.thefrugallife.com/waterbill.html