3 Big Air Conditioning Misconceptions

Chas Roberts provides Phoenix AC services of all types to folks around the Valley, so we want to clarify some misconceptions about air conditioning and how our appliances work. Now that Arizona summer temperatures are peaking, it’s the perfect time to reveal the top three misconceptions to reach perfectly cool temperatures— without Phoenix AC replacement.

Misconception #1 Air Conditioning controls the temperature in the room and nothing more.

This is false! A/C is responsible for a number of factors beyond temperature, the biggest being humidity. Arizona is already pretty dry, and blasting your A/C is a surefire way to rid what little moisture you may have left in this stale heat. Depending on your personal comfort level, turning on your air conditioning full-force is probably not the best idea unless you’re using a humidifier along side it.

Misconception #2 Leaving it on all day wastes energy

Not only is this false, but believing it could actually cost you money. Central A/C works by gradually cooling your home and shutting off when it reaches the temperature you set. However, if you shut it off completely before leaving your home the temperature in your home will steadily climb while you’re away. When you do return and set the A/C back to the temperature you prefer, your unit will work overtime and expend much more energy than necessary. A good alternative is to set the temperature a few degrees higher than normal while you’re away so the unit is still working but not wasting unnecessary amounts of energy.

Misconception #3 Air Conditioning is the only way to cool down

This is perhaps the most important one of all. If you believe this myth you are likely wasting a good chunk of money each summer. Air conditioning is a great baseline for getting a cooler temperature in your home, but there are other methods that work alongside A/C for a much lower cost. For example, a ceiling fan helps circulate air, which in turn lowers your body temperature and makes you more comfortable. Instead of turning the A/C on full blast, you can dial it back and let a ceiling fan do some of the work.

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